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Tach-It has a new trademarked tag line:  Tach-It is Entry Level Automation.

Catchy right? But what does it mean?  In simple terms, it refers to the gap that is often found between using manual labor for many of the processes found in manufacturing and distribution companies to the opposite end of the spectrum of going fully automated.  Full automation is often the goal of most growing companies, the challenge here is having the finances available and the infrastructure to support it.  Each company must evaluate their internal capabilities and processes to determine if full automation is justified and will improve production.

Tach-It has a product line that is designed to fill the gap between manual labor and full automation.  As a company grows, labor costs can become restrictive to corporate capabilities which can result in lost opportunities, slow production, and lost profits.  This is where Entry Level Automation can make the difference.   Many companies start with manual processes and then need a semi-automatic or automated system for tape dispensing and application, label dispensing and application or bag sealing.  We offer many solutions that increase productivity, reduce repetitive motion injuries / workman’s compensation claims, are cost justifiable and help companies reach their production goals.  In just a short time, companies can see their return on investment.

Some of these products include:

Tach-It’s Entry Level Automation equipment has a small footprint, takes little time to train your staff and helps increase your productivity quickly.  Our trained staff can assist you in determining the best solution for your needs and applications.  Call us to find out if we have the right Entry Level Automation for your company and process.

Please contact us Tach-It at 800-222-5540, visit or website at www.tach-it.com or email us at sales@tach-it.com to discuss your specific automation needs.

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