Bag Closure with Twist Ties

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Twist Tie is by far the most consumable oriented preferred method of bag sealing.  Why.  Let’s look at the other types of closures.  Bag sealing tape is an option and it is inexpensive both for the consumable and for the manual sealers.  The problem is each time the customer opens the bag for the first time, they must rip the bag and, in most cases, destroy the bag.  Now your customer must go find another bag and a twist tie to repack your product.  The other type of closure, the plastic clip is expensive on a per closure basis.  Also, because the bag is not sealed tightly (the bag is twisted as it is pushed through the gate of the plastic tab but then has room to expand), the product must be double packed.  The plastic tab is not good for freezer applications and does not protect the integrity of the product.

Now let’s talk about twist tie, it is inexpensive on a per closure basis, it is easy to use and re-use, so the customer doesn’t have to repack the baked product.  Twist ties can easily be used in the freezer without repacking.  Another benefit of twist tie is there are multiple application methods from manual to semi-automatic to fully automated twist tie machines.

Tach-It is the leader in semi-automatic twist tie machinery in the world.  Our internationally recognized Model #3567 has advantages over competitive units because:

  1. We use a straight-line ribbon feed to avoid jamming of the twist tie ribbon.
  2. We provide 4 twists vs our competition provides 2 1/2. This gives an extra tight tie to protect the freshness and integrity of baked goods.
  3. We use only a 3-inch length of twist tie ribbon. This is an immediate 25% savings in consumable costs.
  4. For the bakers who pass their product through metal detection, Tach-It’s Polycore is the only industry proven and accepted non-metallic twist tie ribbon.

For more information on our Twist Tie Machines and ribbons, please contact us at or view our website

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