Comparing Twist Tie Machines

Tach-It Twist Tie Machines

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Tach-It is the largest manufacturer in the world of semi-automatic and hand-held twist tie machines. All of our machines are developed using the latest technology, are constructed of the finest components, are operator friendly, reliable and are supported by Tach-It’s reputation for the highest quality equipment and supplies in the industry

How we stack up



We have fewer moving components in our machine and also less wear parts such as springs, rollers and bearings. Also we use a straight line ribbon feed which avoids ribbon jams within the machine. The Tie-Matic machines have a wandering ribbon path and are trying to push the twist tie ribbon through a series of channels and chutes. Our straight line ribbon feed pulls the twist tie ribbon rather than pushing it and because we have a straight line feed there are no areas for the ribbon to bind or jam within the unit.

Easy to load

The Model # 3567 has a positive twist tie ribbon feed system so we can feed a much wider variety of materials than Tie-Matic. Also, the Tie-Matic machines must be loaded with paper on one side and plastic on the others with our positive feed system it doesn’t matter which side of the material is loaded and we get virtually no missed ties due to feeding problems.


The Tie-Matic machine has a reciprocating arm that crosses the channel within the machine where the bag gets inserted. This is a danger area for the operator where they can easily be injured. Our model # 3567 uses two sliding arms which are located within the body of the machine. During the cycle, nothing extends within the channel where the product or operators hand may be so we do not have any safety concerns or product damages.

The Best Value

Economical – Our machine is significantly less expensive than the Tie-Matic and we use 25% less material per closure for immediate savings.

Tightness – Our machine gives a 4 360 degree twist extra tight closure to each tie while their unit only does 2 1/2 twists.

Productivity – The Model 3567 can tie 50-55 pieces per minute while the Tie-Matic can only do 40.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use – Our Model 3567 is much easier for an operator to use and actuate. We have an ultra-soft actuation system (which they have unsuccessfully tried to copy) which makes it much easier for the operator to actuate the machine and is also much more sensitive to delicate products.

Thinner Profile – The main assembly on the Model #3567 is much thinner than that if the Tie-Matic so we can place the tie much closer to the product.

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