Tach-it Launches New Website

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Welcome to Our New Website

Keeping our promise to provide our customers with premium service

Tach-It is eager to announce the launch of our newly refreshed website.

We dedicated the initial weeks to developing a global strategy and web plan. We answered and evaluated questions like:

How can we utilize the new website to provide advantages to our customers?

How does our current brand identity meet the expectations of our customers?

What is the most important information to our customers?


The outcomes of the early brainstorming and in-depth development process included creating a website that:


  • Provides equipment and product manuals and documentation
  • Showcases a video library with tutorials and product explanations
  • Utilizes a product catalogue system that is intuitive with a simple UI
  • Makes it easy for customers to inquire about product information
  • Uses product comparison charts to help our customers quickly find the right product for their needs


We also included a newly updated navigation menu, in-depth information about the story of Tach-It, and biographies of the leadership team members at Tach-It. Each of our product pages features a detailed description, product specifications, product manual, product brochure, video resources, product comparison chart, request for more information, and related products.