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Entry Level AutomationTM for Shipping & Packaging

Shipping lines rely on the ease and convenience of Entry Level AutomationTM. Your workforce can supplement their day to day tasks with safe and efficient equipment.


Shortages in labor has caused many companies to need the additional support of ELATM. Many people do not want to work in the manual labor that is required on a shipping dock. Equipment makes it easier and safer for those who sign up for the tough jobs on the dock. Below are a few examples used in these applications:


EBC-110 – Edge Protection Cutter

The Tach-It EBC-110 for Edge Protection is a safe way to cut and trim these products to various lengths. Compared to other methods available the EBC-110 cuts boards up to 4 inch x 4 inch x 3/8 inch thick. Easy to use simply put the board into the V-Shaped opening and pull the handle. The easily replaceable blades will give a clean guillotine cut the board. Perfect for shippers who use various lengths of boards, framing companies, cutting edge protection products for use as stabilizers within cartons, recycling of edge protection products and anywhere these products are trimmed or cut. Small table top design, ergonomic handle, and fully portable are all advantages of this machine.


SR-310 – Stretch Wrap Dispenser

This deluxe, heavy-duty, all-steel stretch wrap dispenser is perfect for hand applying stretch wrap around pallets or bundles. Able to handle rolls of stretch wrap from 12 inch to 20 inch width on a 3 inch core, this dispenser uses ball bearings between the roll caps to assure consist and controllable tension. Lightweight and easy to use, this stretch wrap dispenser has a PVC handle for operator comfort and all day productivity.


EX2 – Tape Gun Dispenser

All steel, heavy duty tape gun with an adjustable brake. This dispenser has a molded finger grip handle for operator comfort, all natural rubber roller, heavy gauge steel blade, and is designed for tapes up to 2 inch wide.

MDL – Label Dispenser Machine

Tach-It MDL-125, a 12-1/2-inch wide Mechanical Label Dispenser, can be used either on a bench top or can be mounted vertically on a wall to save table space. Constructed of all steel, these dispensers can handle large rolls of labels up to 7 inch in diameter on a 3 inch core. Able to be used for single or multiple rolls, the MDL-125 comes with 3 pairs of cores and additional cores can be ordered as needed.

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