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Entry Level Automation for Retail & In Store

Tagging garments and labeling products in-store can be done quickly with our products. We also offer products used for gift wrapping and shipping as well as SFS and on packing stations. Below are a few examples used in these applications:

5000 Tape Dispenser

The Tach-It Model #5000 definite length tape dispenser is perfect for applications where a fixed 1 1/2 inch length of tape is needed. Usable with 1 roll of tape up to 1 1/2 inch wide roll or 2 individual rolls of tape up to 3/4 inch wide. Simply turning the large knob the Model #5000 applies the tape to a star wheel for easy removal. Perfect for gift wrap, retail, and industrial applications where a 1 1/2 long inch piece of tape is required, the Model #5000 also has a separate free mandrel for 3/4 inch tape allowing for random lengths.


Tach-It 2 Gun

The Tach-It TI2S Premium Tagging Tool has a standard needle and is used for the majority of tagging applications. This tool uses all types of regular spaced or micro-spaced fasteners and the replacement needles are our Tach-It TNS, TNHD, THR, HI-HD, PTS, and PTHD Needles.


MR35 – Tape Dispenser

3 inch wide multi-roll dispenser with split mandrel can handle 1 roll of tape up to 3 inch wide, 3 rolls of tape up to 1 inch wide each, or a combination of other sizes that do not exceed 3 inch total width. Separators for easy tape removal and heavy duty construction of steel and hi-impact plastic makes this weighted base dispenser perfect for many applications including office, shipping room, assembly, retail, institutional, and industrial.

PDL8 – Label Dispenser Machine

Tach-It PDL-8 fits labels up to 8 1/2 inch wide Mechanical Bench Top Label Dispenser is constructed of all steel for years of long use. These dispensers can handle large rolls of labels up to 7 inch in diameter and core size is not applicable due to our unique cradle design that holds the label securely and separately. Able to be used for single or multiple rolls, the PDL-8 comes with 3 label separators and additional separators can be ordered as needed.

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