6110 – Tape Dispenser

  • Automatic Definite Length Tape Dispenser.
  • Heavy duty steel case construction.
  • 2 modes: random and automatic mode for a pre-determined length.
  • 4 Programmable Memory Presets
  • In automatic mode. feeds and cuts the next piece of tape as the previous one is removed.
  • Exclusive safety shield for operator protection.
  • Accepts tapes from 1/4 inch to 2 inch wide
  • Works with 1 roll for tape up to 2 inches wide or 2 rolls of tape up to 1 inch wide each.
  • Can cut most types of tapes including carton sealing, packaging, filament, acetate, masking, flat back and many others.
  • Cuts tapes from 3/4 inch to 39.4 inches
  • Guillotine cut for smooth edge to the tape.
  • Easy to read LED and push button controls for length adjustment and mode selection.
  • Length adjustment is in millimeter increments.
  • Adjustable pressure roller for different thicknesses of tapes for positive feeding.


This automatic feed and cut definite length tape dispenser can work with 1 roll of tape up to 2 inch wide or 2 rolls of tape up to 1 inch wide each. Heavy duty steel case construction, reliable and easy to use with push button and LED controls, the Tach-It Model 6110 can cut most types of pressure sensitive tape from 3/4 inch to 39.3 inches in length. In automatic setting, the model #6110 will feed the next piece of tape as soon as the previous length has been removed. Simply holding the feed button will allow for random lengths of tape to be fed. Small bench top design, exclusive safety shield to protect the operator, and adjustable tape pressure to ensure positive tape feeding are all advantages of this machine.



  • Machine: Length - 8 inch, Width - 5 inch, Height - 5 1/2 inch
  • Tape Length min ½” and Max 39.4”
  • Tape Width: Maximum - 2 inch, Minimum: 1/4 inch
  • Maximum Tape Roll Diameter: 6 inch (optional large diameter tape roll stand available)
  • Weight: 7 1/2 Lbs.
  • Core Size: 3 inch
  • Power: 110 Volt VAC
  • Speed: 7 inches per second.



Product Comparison

Model ##5000SL-1SL-3#6100-SS#6110#6100-SS Stand#6125#6175#6600#6250Z-Cut 2Z-Cut 3Z-Cut 5UW6
Description:Manual Tape DispenserManual Tape DispenserManual Tape DispenserAutomatic Tape DispenserAutomatic Tape DispenserOptional Stand for Model #6100_SSAutomatic Tape DispenserAutomatic Tape DispenserAutomatic Tape DispenserAutomatic Tabbing Tape DispenserCarousel Automatic Tape DispenserCarousel Automatic Tape DispenserAutomatic Tape Dispenser for Hard to Cut TapesOptional Large Roll Stand for Tape Dispensers
Modes:ManualManualManualRandom and AutomaticRandom and AutomaticNot applicableRandom, Semi-Automatic and AutomaticRandom and AutomaticRandom and AutomaticRandom and AutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic Tape DispenserNot applicable
Memory PresetsNot applicableNot applicableNot applicableNot Applicable4 Memory PresetsNot applicable6 Memory Presets4 Memory PresetsNot applicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Maximum Width of Tape1 1/2 inch wide1 inch wide3 inch wide2 inch wide2 inch 2ideNot applicable2 inch wide3 inch wide6 inch wide2 inch wide1 inch wide1 inch wide
Maximum Length of Tape:Fixed 1 1/2 inchUp to 4 inchUp to 8 inchUp to 39.4 inchesUp to 39.4 inchesNot applicableUp to 39.4 inchesUp to 39.4 inchesUp to 39.4 inchesUp to 39.4 inches2 3/8 inches2 3/8 inches51 inchesNot applicable
Maximum Roll Diameter5 inch5 1/2 inches7 1/2 nches6 inches6 inches14 inches14 inches11 3/4 inches11 3/4 inches6 inches5 inches6 inches7 1/2 inches17 inches
Core Size:3 inch1 and 3 inch3 inch3 inch3 inch3 inchNot applicableNot applicableNot applicable3 inch1 inch, 1 1/4 inch and 3 inchNot Applicable3 inch1 inch and 3 inch
Power:Not applicableNot applicableNot applicable110 Volt 50/60 Hz110 Volt 50/60 HzNot applicable110 Volt 50/60 Hz110 Volt 50/60 Hz110 Volt 50/60 Hz110 Volt Tabbing applicable110 Volt 50/60 Hz110 Volt 50/60 Hz110 Volt 50/60 HzNot applicable



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