TNHD – TachIt Tagging Needle

  • Tach-It Heavy Duty Needle.
  • For use in the Tach-It 2 Standard (TI2S) Tagging Tool and other tagging tools that utilize a needle that does not have a cutting blade located in the needle shaft.
  • The TNHD needle has a heavier diameter wall for added strength.
  • Packed 3 needles per package.
  • Premium grade for durability.
  • Thread separating tip prevents holes in the product being tagged.
  • Single piece machined needle for strength.
  • Coated for easy insertion and retraction from products.


The Tach-It TNHD Premium Heavy Duty Tagging Needle is designed for use in the Standard Tach-It 2 Tagging Tool Style #TI2S for penetrating hard to tag products. It is machined from solid hardened steel rod and is silicone coated. TNHD needles are packed 3 needles per package.