HI-L – TachIt Tagging Needle  

  • Tach-It Long Hi-Impact Needle.
  • Has an exclusive patented collar that supports the shank of the needle against the front of the tagging tool to disperse the pressure of tagging hard to penetrate products such as carpets, rugs, mats, corrugated, leather, plastics, or for use in compression machines.
  • For use in the Tach-It 2 Long (TI2L) Tagging Tool and other tagging tools that utilize a needle that does not have a cutting blade located in the needle shaft.
  • Packed 3 needles per package.
  • Premium grade for durability.
  • Thread separating tip prevents holes in the product being tagged.
  • Single piece machined needle for strength.
  • Coated for easy insertion and retraction from products.


The Tach-It HI-L Hi-Impact Long Needle is designed for use in the Long Tach-It 2 Tagging Tool Style #TI2L and has an exclusive patented collar which supports the shank of the needle when penetrating hard to tag products. HI-L needles are packed 3 needles per package.

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