Simba FPS – Tagging Needle  

  • Simba FPS Fine Steel Needle with a Plastic Shank.
  • For use in the Fine Micro-Mini (Micro-F) Tagging Tool and other many other fine fabric tagging tools that utilize a needle with an integrated cutter.
  • The FPS needle is perfect for most delicate tagging applications including hosiery, lingerie, undergarments, knits, sweaters, nylons, and any other delicate garments.
  • Packed 4 needles per package.


The Simba FPS Fine Tagging Needle is designed for use in the Micro-Mini Fine Tagging Tool Style #Micro-F and many other tagging tools on the market that utilize a tagging needle with and integrated cutter. FPS needles are packed 4 needles per package.


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