Micro Mini Micro-S – Tag Gun

  • Standard Micro-Mini Tagging Tool.
  • Designed general tagging applications.
  • The standard needle allows for the tagging of most products including, shirts, pants, jeans, hosiery, undergarments, bedding and towels, carpets, rugs and mats, and most other tagging applications.
  • Uses our Tach-It SPS and SMS replacement needles.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • Accepts standard regular spaced fasteners (50 per strip) and micro-spaced fasteners (100 per strip) in either general purpose polypropylene or heavy duty nylon.
  • Cap to protect the tagging needle and the operator when the gun is not in use.
  • Uses a cutter style needle so every time the needle is replaced, the cutter is replaced.


The Tach-It Micro-Mini Standard Tagging Tool has a standard needle and is used for the majority of general tagging applications. This tool uses all types of regular spaced or micro-spaced fasteners and the replacement needles are our Tach-It SPS and SMS Needles.