Mini Con ALR – Round Product Label Applicator


  • Automated Bottle and Round Product Labeling System.
  • Capture and Spin Label applicator.
  • Can apply a front label or a front and back label (must be alternating on the label web.
  • Perfect for use in pharmaceutical and medical applications, vitamin and supplements, cannabis, CBD, food, beverage, wine and any application requiring high speed labeling.
  • Can be used as a stand alone unit, with feed and output rotational tables or integrated into an automated packaging production system.
  • Tach-It ALR can be equipped with TIJ printing technology for on demand printing of variable information such as; sell by and expiration dates, production and lot codes or any other required information.
  • Touch screen controller has 5 memory preset and all other adjustment use digital indicators or laser etched rails for ease of setup and product changeovers.
  • Product size from 3/4 inch to 4 1/4 inch in diameter.

Price: US$22,459.00* without printing capability

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The Tach-It Mini-Con ALR Capture and Spin automated labeling system allows for high speed application of a front label or a front and back label (labels must be alternating on the web). Able to be used as a stand alone unit, equipped with feed and output tables or fully integrated into automated packaging and filling lines, the ALR can labels products from 3/4 inch to 4 1/4 inch in diameter. Perfect for use in a multitude of applications such as; pharmaceutical and medical labeling, vitamin and supplements, cannabis and CBD, feed, wine, liquor and beverage and any application requiring high speed labeling, the Tach-It ALR has the capability of printing on the label prior to application. Using our option print system which utilizes TIJ ink jet technology, the ALR can be equipped to print variable information such as expiration and sell by dates, production and lot codes, bar codes, logos and other variable info as needed. TIJ technology is the same system used in desktop ink jet printers so it is clean, requires no maintenance and offers the advantage of a new print head every time the ink cartridge is changed. Programming for the printing system is done through a 7 inch touch screen controller and graphics and other information can be inputted through USB or other network connections. The Tach-IT ALR is compact, fully portable and requires 110 volt electricity and 60-80 PSI of sustained compressed air. Like all of our Tach-It Mini-Con machines, the Model ALR is easy to adjust, has digital indicators and laser etched rails for ease in physical adjustments and our touch screen controller has 5 memory presets for all label applicating assembly settings. Able to apply labels that have maximum size of 9 3/4 inch long to 5 inch wide, the ALR has a maximum labeling speed of 65 feet per minute.


  • Machine: Length – 59 inch (1,500 mm), Width – 37 inch (930 mm), Height – 49 inch (1230 mm)
  • Weight: 300 Lbs (137 Kgs).
  • Maximum Product Diameter: 4 1/4 inch (110 mm), Minimum Product Diameter: 3/4 inch (20 mm)
  • Maximum Label Length: 9 3/4 inch (250 mm), Minimum Label Length: 3/4 inch (20 mm)
  • Maximum Label Width: 5 inch (130 mm), Minimum Label Width: 3/4 inch (20 mm)
  • Power: 110 Volt Volt VAC and 60-80 PSI sustained compressed air
  • Speed: Maximum Speed: 65 feet (20 meters) per minute.