USP25 – Fasteners Spaced Poly  

  • Tach-It #USP-25 Standard Tagging Fasteners.
  • 1 inch long.
  • Micro-Spaced for higher productivity as there are 100 fasteners per clip rather than 50 fasteners per clip.
  • General purpose polypropylene for most standard tagging applications.
  • For use in the Tach-It 2 Standard Tagging Tool (TI2S), Tach-It Long Tagging Tool (TI2L, utilizing our PTLHP needle), Tach-It Micro-Mini Standard Tagging Tool (Micro-S), our Simba Standard Tagging Tool, and most other Standard tagging tools on the market that accept a micro-spaced fastener.
  • Economical.
  • Natural Color.
  • 100 fasteners per clip.
  • 10,000 fasteners per box.


Tach-It #USP-25 Micro-Spaced General Purpose Tagging Fastener for use in most standard tagging tools including our #TI2S Standard Tach-It 2 Tool, our #TI2L Long Tach-It 2 Tagging Tool (must utilize our PTLHP needle), our Micro-S Micro-Mini Standard Tagging Tool, and our Simba Standard Tagging Tool. This Fastener is 1 inch long, natural color and has 100 fasteners per clip

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