835 – Fasteners General Poly

  • Tach-It #835 Fine Fabric Tagging Fasteners.
  • 2 inches long.
  • General purpose polypropylene for most fine fabric and delicate tagging applications.
  • Works in the Tach-It 2 Fine Fabric Tagging Tool (TI2F), Tach-It Long Fine Tach-It 2 Tool (TI2LF), Tach-It Micro-Mini Fine Fabric Tagging Tool (Micro-F), and most other fine fabric tagging tools on the market.
  • Economical.
  • Natural Color.
  • 50 fasteners per clip.
  • 5000 fasteners per box.


Tach-It #835 General Purpose Tagging Fastener for use in any fine tagging tools including our TI2F Fine Tach-It 2 Tool, TI2LF Long Fine Tach-It 2 Tagging Tool, and our Micro-F Micro-Mini Fine Tagging Tool. This fastener is 2 inches long, natural color and has 50 fasteners per clip