BD155 – Fasteners Beaded Security Loop  

  • Tach-It BD-155 Beaded Adjustable Length Security Loops.
  • 5 inches long.
  • Beads molded into the string allows the loop to be pulled closed to any diameter needed.
  • Perfect for tagging items that cannot be penetrated by a tagging needle such as belts, ties, purses, suitcases, glasses, sunglasses, briefcases, knapsacks, and a multitude of other items.
  • Protects the retailer by stopping price switching.
  • Hand applied, no tools needed.
  • Natural Color.
  • Packed 5,000 per box.


Tach-It #BD-155 Beaded Adjustable Length Security Loop. This loop is 5 inches long and has beads along the length of the string allowing it to be pulled closed to any diameter of loop required. Perfect for tagging of items that cannot be penetrated such as belts, purses, glasses, sunglasses, suitcases, brief cases, and many other items. Also, our Tach-It security loops eliminate price switching as once they are removed they will not lock again. 5 inches in length and packed 5,000 per box

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