Label Dispensers and Applicators

Label Dispensers & Applicators

Pressure sensitive labels are used on products, in shipping, retail, food service and almost all industries to provide branding, instructions, shipping, nutritional information, UPC or PLU codes or for countless other reasons.  Applying labels can be a repetitive and expensive process but Tach-It has a variety of products from mechanical label dispensers used in shipping rooms to fully automated wipe-on labelers integrated by fulfillment company to reduce costs and increase productivity.



Automatic Label Dispensers

Tach-It Automatic Label Dispensers are available in 7 different models for labels up to 8 inches wide. Unlike other manufacturers in the industry that use micro-switches to sense the label, most of our Tach-It label dispensers use non-contact state-of-the-art photo-sensors and optical readers. The advantages of this system are many, first micro-switches are mechanical and break needed replacement, also they must be physically moved using tools each time a label size changes or as the roll decreases and the curl of the label changes. Our non-contact sensors are more reliable, and the only adjustment for label size is a simple turn of a knob located on the front of the dispenser which adjusts the length of the label to be fed. We do make one exception and use a specially designed micro-switch for our ultra-economical Tach-It SH400 Label Dispenser.

Mechanical Label Dispensers

Tach-It MDL Series and PDL Series of Mechanical Label Dispensers are available in several different widths each and can accommodate single or multiple rolls of labels. These easy to use label dispensers can be mounted either vertically on a wall or can be used on a bench top. To dispense the label simply pull the liner for the desired label and the label will be fed forward for easy grabbing by the operator. Both Label Dispensers are perfect for; food service, shipping rooms, retail, and industrial applications and anywhere a simple label dispenser is needed.

Hand-Held Label Applicators

Hand-Held-Label-Applicators are portable, lightweight and easy to use. Available in manual trigger operated and re-chargeable battery powered models, Tach-It Hand-Held Label Applicators allow an operator to apply a label wherever it is needed. increasing productivity and improving the accuracy of labeling virtually any product.

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