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We want to eliminate repetitive motion one process at a time. Whether it is placing a label consistently onto a part or product, taping wires or components together using a definitive length piece of tape or bundling cords, we have the equipment to do it. Below are a few examples used in these applications:


Z-CUT3 – Tape Dispenser

A high productivity carousel dispenser, which automatically cuts and places a pre-determined length of tape on a rotating carousel for maximum singular or multiple operator efficiency. The Tach-It Z-Cut 3 accepts tape widths from .125 to 1 inch (3 to 25 mm), and cuts lengths from .51 inch to 2.36 inch (13 to 60 mm). Unique sensor allows for multiple modes of operation including automatic so when the last piece of tape is removed the platen is filled again or when the button in the middle of the platen is pressed the sensor will dictate how many cut pieces of tape are applied to the platen. Easy to use side adjustments for the tape length and the tape width requires no tools. The Z-Cut 3 allows up to 20 pieces of tape to be cut at the press of a button (number of cut pieces applied to the platen will be based on the width of the tape being used). Accepts most tapes and is perfect for specialty packaging, wire harnessing, cell manufacturing, and assembly work. A proven time and labor saver.

SH-402TR – Label Dispenser

Designed for assembly, electronics, manufacturing, and anywhere small labels are used, our Tach-It Model SH-402TR is designed specifically for miniature die-cut and butt-cut labels of any shape. Usable in either a vertical or horizontal position, the SH-402TR utilizes state-of-the art electronics and an optical reader, which allow it to work on either transparent or opaque labels. Automatic label web re-winder eliminates mess and hazards in the work place. A brake motor, extra sharp large steel separator plate, durable construction, and no need for tools for label changeovers are all advantages of this machine.

KL-100 – Label Dispenser

The KL-100 automatic label dispenser for pressure-sensitive label dispensers up to 4 inch wide is ideal for all types of roll or fan-folded labels. An economical alternative to our SH-404TR and our SH-414D premium label dispensers, the KL-100 utilizes photo-sensor reliability so that there are no micro-switches or hair triggers to adjust. high speed operation, digital cycle counter, large roll capabilities, industrial construction, and a rewind system for the label liner are advantages of this machine. Having the ability to dispense all types of opaque die-cut and butt-cut labels, the KL-100 require no tools for label changeover or size adjustments and no operator training is required.

3510 – Twist Tie Machine

Fully portable and extremely lightweight, the Tach-It Model #3510 Hand-Held Twist Tie Machine can go wherever it’s needed and has a multitude of uses and applications. This easy-to-use machine offers full day productivity, while avoiding carpel tunnel syndrome and repetitive motion injuries from hand twist tying. Unlike stationary twist tie machines, the Model #3510 can be used anywhere including inside of a box, crate, or barrel to seal a bag or liner, in the fields to stake agricultural products and vines such as tomatoes and grapes, for cut flowers, for bundling hangers together for laundry and dry cleaners, and is small enough to go into machines and coilers to secure wire harnesses and cables. Able to tie products and bags up to 1 3/8 inch in diameter, this versatile unit has a fully accessible, extended front tying aperture, an easy squeeze trigger, and an LED Indicator to show battery life and the number of twists, which is adjustable by the push of a button. The protective enclosure for the ribbon spool keeps the twist tie material controlled and clean during the tying process and ribbon spool changes are quick and easy with no operator training or tools necessary. Kit Includes:Model # 3510 Twist Tie Machine, 2 Battery Packs, Battery Charger—110 to 250 Volt AC, Shoulder Strap, Protective Enclosure for Ribbon Spool, Carry Case, Instruction Manual.

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