Wafer Seals and Tamper Evident Security Labels

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Comparing Manual Application to the L-Clip Label Applicator

Efficiency is the name of the game for your packaging operation. Increasing efficiencies means implementing technology to speed up your process, freeing up your employees to focus on higher level, value producing tasks, and reducing your dependence on volatile labor markets. One of the best ways to make your operation more productive is by implementing an L-clip label applicator for applying wafer seals and security labels to your packages.

Wafer seals

Wafer seals are an effective, economical solution for sealing many types of boxes, self mailers, and other types of packaging. They are clear or paper disks that adhere to surfaces and won’t obscure any branding or important information on your box or mailer, and they make it easy for the end user to open the packaging without ruining it. Tach-It wafer seals provide excellent adhesion, are food compliant, and can be applied both manually or with one of our automatic or semi-automatic L-clip label applicator machines.

Tamper evident security labels

Security labels are designed both to make containers difficult to open and to show when someone has tried to tamper with a product. These labels effectively seal your packaging and are impossible to remove or peel up without damaging them in an obvious way, making it easier to secure and protect your products.

The question is, should you apply wafer seals and security labels by hand, or should you invest in equipment to handle this repetitive task for you?

Advantages of using an L-clip label applicator for wafer seals

There are several significant advantages to using an L-clip machine instead of manually applying wafer seals or security labels.

Reduce material waste – Manually applying wafer seals or labels opens up your process to human error. They could be ripped or damaged, may be placed in the wrong position, or could otherwise be misused, forcing you to use additional materials to seal your packaging effectively. On the other hand, L-clip machines, provide precise, exact placement every time and will not damage the wafer seals or labels during application.

Increase your throughput – At Tach-It, our L-clip label applicator works fast with a maximum speed of 60 ft per minute, while applying a secure seal every time. With a manual operation, the faster your employees work, the more likely an error or poor seal will occur.

Lower your overhead – An L-clip label applicator can complete the work of several employees, allowing you to reduce your overhead costs significantly compared to a predominantly manual operation. Plus, for the labor that you do retain, you can move them from simple, repetitive tasks, to jobs that produce more value for your company.

Your machine will pay for itself quickly

Automating labeling and other parts of your packaging process does involve upfront costs, but by making your operation more efficient and productive, you will recoup those costs quickly. You will save on labor, reduce material waste, and you will be able to move more product than with manual sealing.

Wafer seals are an excellent choice for sealing boxes, envelopes, and self-mailers, and automating their application will help you see significant gains on your bottom line.

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