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Tach-It is a trusted packaging partner with capabilities that extend beyond tape and boxes.
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We offer a full range of tape dispensers, label applicators, tag attachers, and more.
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Our goal is to make Entry Level Automation possible for all types of companies.

Making Entry Level Automation Possible

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EBC-110 Cutter for Edge Protection

Unique machine for cutting cardboard edge protection products to length

The Tach-It EBC-110 Cutter for Cardboard Edge Protection is a safe way to cut and trim these products to various lengths. Compared to other methods available the EBC-110 cuts boards up to 4 inch x 4 inch x .375″ inch thick. Easy to use, simply put the board into the V-Shaped opening and pull the handle. The easily replaceable blades will give cut to the board. Perfect for shippers who use various lengths of boards, framing companies, cutting edge protection products for use as stabilizers within cartons, recycling of edge protection products and anywhere these products are trimmed or cut. Small table top design, ergonomic handle, and fully portable are all advantages of this machine.

The packaging industry changes quickly and often.

So do we.

Packaging is an ever-changing industry that is heavily influenced by many external factors, market needs and conditions. Ben Clements and Sons, is an innovator and leader in this dynamic industry. Working with our distribution channel, our extensive relationships and manufacturing capabilities we will continue to develop new equipment and products that meet today’s and tomorrow’s packaging challenges.


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The Tach-It App

Your Personal Tach-It Sales Assistant: Contains full product information, specifications and videos (where applicable) on all Tach-It products; Unique email function – the App will create a PDF document of the products there is interest in and it can be emailed directly from the device with only the sender’s contact information; Works on all devices running iOS such as iPhones and iPads and most smartphones and tablets Powered by the Android operating system.