Get More from Your Workforce with Packaging Automation

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Get More from Your Workforce through Packaging Automation

The key to improving your packaging operation is to make sure your employees are as productive as possible during the time they are allotted to complete a given task. They need to achieve a high output while maintaining excellent quality. The more productive your employees are, the better their labor is utilized, and the more efficient your entire process is.

You don’t need more labor, you need more efficient labor
Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that increasing their output simply requires hiring more employees. But adding more workers to a process that isn’t as efficient as it could be will only result in an additional drain on resources. The first step should always be to look at your current operation, then determine ways to streamline it and make it more productive without adding more workers.

You want to maximize the value of your current employees and give them the tools they need to be as efficient as possible. When you are growing and ramping up a packaging operation, automation is the key component.

Packaging automation
Manual labor is still a large piece of many operations and forms a significant part of a company’s overall packaging costs. The problem with completing highly repetitive and simple tasks manually is that it is difficult to increase the productivity of each individual worker, because one person can only do so much within a given time frame.

The solution is packaging automation. Whether it involves machines that completely replace employees for a specific job, so then they can be utilized elsewhere, or semi-automatic packaging equipment that allows them to work faster, automation is the key to growth. Incorporating technology like automatic twist tie machines and automated tape and label dispensers allow you to step up throughput, cut production time, and push out more packaged products in a much shorter period of time.

What about the cost?
Although adding packaging automation equipment to your operation does involve upfront costs, they will pay themselves off quickly. As part of an overall plan for growth, packaging equipment allows you to produce more goods faster and is typically much cheaper than hiring one or multiple employees to achieve the same gains.

In addition, increased automation generally results in less packaging material waste than manual packing. For example, when tying bags, a twist tie machine will only use the exact amount of twist tie ribbon required to effectively seal the bag. Completing the same task manually will usually lead to slightly different amounts being used for each bag, and typically in excess of the amount that is actually needed.

Packaging automation will make your labor utilization more efficient, and you will most likely end up spending less on materials. It’s a win-win!

Choose the best packaging equipment for your needs
At Tach-It, we offer a wide variety of packaging equipment, including twist tie and bag sealers, box sealers, and label and tape dispensers and applicators. If you are looking to expand your operations and ramp up production without having to add new employees, our team will look at your operation and work with you to determine which machines are best. We’ll help make your team more efficient and productive.

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