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Streamline your fulfillment

As a contract packaging company, your fulfillment capabilities rely heavily on your equipment automation. Many of the procedures that are executed can be made easier with Entry Level AutomationTM (ELATM). Due to the repetitive nature of operations of taping and labeling, worker injuries are common. The benefits are many: workers benefit from a better quality of life, safer workplace, the business benefits from faster, more consistent product and quick ROI.


Whether you are a small specialized fulfillment center, or a large versatile fulfillment center, your operations depend on quickly getting products out the door. It is also critical to minimize damage and produce a uniform output, which is made possible by ELATM.  Below are a few examples used in these applications:


Mini Con R – Label Applicator Machine

Realizing a need in the market for a machine that can label bottles and round products that is between a semi-automatic label dispenser and a full inline labeling system, Tach-It created a table top unit that will feed the product on a conveyor through a wipe on label applicator and apply a label precisely at the desired location. The Mini-Con-R requires no special operator training or tools for label or product changeovers, has a touch sensitive display screen where all settings are made and viewed, uses only non-contact sensors for product and labels, can apply 1 label or 1 and 2 labels (must be alternating on the web), has a product and target counter, a 4 1/4 inch wide high friction conveyor making it perfect for most applications, extra large roll capacity, and the reliability of stepper motors for consistent label placement. To use, an operator simply puts the item to be labeled at one end of the conveyor and it travels along the label head, where the label is applied. The product then enters a vertical conveyor which rotates the bottle against a specially designed platen adhering the label to the product. The product then exits at the other end of the conveyor.

6100-SS – Tape Dispenser

This automatic feed and cut definite length tape dispenser can work with 1 roll of tape up to 2 inch wide or 2 rolls of tape up to 1 inch wide each. Reliable and easy to use with push button and LED controls, the Tach-It Model 6100-SS can cut most types of pressure sensitive tape from 3/4 inch to 39.3 inches in length. In automatic setting, the model #6100-SS will feed the next piece of tape as soon as the previous length has been removed. Simply holding the feed button will allow for random lengths of tape to be fed. Small bench top design, exclusive safety shield to protect the operator, and adjustable tape pressure to ensure positive tape feeding are all advantages of this machine.

Label Dispensers SH414D

Our newest premium label dispenser, the Tach-It model SH-414D peels, releases, and advances all types of labels including die-cut and butt-cut, and either opaque or transparent on rolls or fan-folded. This machine is simple to operate and use. When an operator removes one label the next one is automatically dispensed. Designed using optical-reader reliability, the Tach-It SH-414D can feed all labels whether they are large or small, opaque or transparent, irregular shaped or round. Also, there are no micro-switches to adjust or hair triggers to break. Label changeover or adjustments for sizes require no tools and no operator training is necessary. High speed motor and digital state of the art components, including a dwell timer and label counter, large roll capacity, high speed motor, heavy duty construction, and automatic liner re-winder are all features of this machine.

Twist Tie 3567

The most technologically advanced twist tie machine in the world is the Tach-It Model #3567. This state-of-the-art machine does not utilize a reciprocating arm which eliminates jams. The unique straight line ribbon feed avoids the ribbon jam ups that are common with other twist tie machines on the market today. The Model #3567 is U.L. approved, constructed of all metal components for long and reliable service life, has a 1/2 inch tying capacity, and uses only a 3 inch piece of twist tie ribbon per closure which is a 25% savings in consumables compared to competitive machinery which makes the Model #3567 more economical to use. Capable of tying up to 50 bags per minute, the superior design and compact size has made it perfect for fulfillment.


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