Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about how our products work, or whether a twist tie machine, tape bag sealer, impulse bag sealer, mechanical label dispenser, or other product is right for your needs, take a look at our questions and answers below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please reach out to our team, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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Twist Tie Machines

What are the benefits of using twist tie for my products?
Twist tie is the most consumer friendly closure available. It is easy to use, reusable, removable without damaging the bag, works well in freezers, and is an inexpensive option.

Do you offer different twist machine options?

Yes! We provide several twist tie machine models.

  • Model #3567 is our most popular automatic twist tie machine. It’s perfect for bakeries, supermarkets, food services, and other food related applications
  • Model #3568 is a more durable option, fully automatic, and is designed for 24/7/365 use
  • Model #3570 is a fully automatic machine that features an adjustable diameter between 1/8” to 1 3/8” for larger bags, such as multiple unit packs
  • Model #3560 is a less expensive, semi-automatic twist tie machine option, perfect for lower volume operations
  • Model #3510 is a hand held, battery powered, rechargeable machine. It comes with two batteries for a full day of productivity and is lightweight to be brought almost anywhere

View our full lineup of twist tie machines by clicking here.

How large of a bag can these machines tie?

How large of a bag a twist tie machine can seal depends on its width and thickness. Some of our models feature adjustable tying diameters, so you can tailor them to your specific operation. Each of our individual product pages says what the maximum tying diameter is for that particular machine. Click here to view our product pages.

What type of twist tie ribbon do you offer?

We carry several different types of twist tie ribbon, made from various materials and available in a range of colors. Click here to see all of our options.

Does all twist tie ribbon have metal?

Our 17-200 twist tie ribbon does not contain any metal.

How tight do your machines tie a bag?

All of our twist tie machine models provide four twists for an extra tight seal.

How many twist ties come on each roll?

Each of our rolls contain between 9,500 and 9,800 twist ties.

How big are your twist ties?

Our twist tie machines use either 3” or 4” long twist ties. Click here to visit webpages for each individual model and see their specifications.

Tape Bag Sealers

What are the benefits of using tape bag sealers?

Tape bag sealers are economical and apply a secure seal around the top of the bag using adhesive tape and creating an adhesive-to-adhesive flag seal. The advantage of tape is that it’s non-metallic to avoid metal detection.

What the most common applications of bag tape?

Bag tape is typically applied on products that are one and done, because the bag may be destroyed during opening. They are commonly used in the food service and food product industries, because tape is inexpensive and can be discarded after use.

How are your tape bag sealers different from one another?

Our E7R and E7R-SS tape bag sealers are very similar, but the E7R-SS is stainless steel, making it suitable for food and wash down applications.

Our E9 model is designed for larger bags up to 3/4” in diameter where the seal is applied.

Our 3235 machine creates a seal that can be opened without damaging the bag, in situations where the bag should be reused.

Click here to view our full line of tape bag sealers.

What types of tape do your machines use?

Our machines use either 3/8” or ¾” wide tape. Click here to view our different types of tape and which machines they are compatible with.

How large of a bag are these machines able to seal?

The maximum tying diameter for all machines is 3/8”, except for our E9 model, which has a maximum tying diameter of ¾”.

Can your tape bag sealers be mounted?

Yes! The E7R, E7R-SS, and 3235 can be mounted in a vertical orientation, while the E9 can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

Does my tape bag sealer come with tape?

No, tape is sold separately. Our team will help you buy the right tape when you purchase your machine.

Are your tape bag sealers electric?

No, all of our models are mechanical, so there are no batteries to recharge, and you don’t need to plug them in!

Impulse Bag Sealers

What’s the benefit of using an impulse bag sealer?

An impulse bag sealer provides an airtight, tamper evident seal. Plus, because it uses heat to weld the two sides of the bag together, you do not need to purchase any tape, ties, or other consumables. Our impulse bag sealer models work with most types of plastic bags except for cellophane.

What’s the difference between an impulse bag sealer and a heat sealer?

Impulse sealers use an electric impulse through a heating element to create the seal, whereas heat sealers use an actual temperature setting to melt the layers of plastic together. Impulse sealers are ideal for narrower seals, while heat sealers are better for wider seals. For example, the seal on a bag of snack chips, which is wide, will be best done by a heat sealer, but the seal on a package of socks, which is very narrow, is better handled by an impulse sealer. Impulse bag sealers are also safer than heat sealers, as there is no standing heat like there is with a heat sealer.

How are your impulse bag sealer models different from one another?

To see our full lineup of impulse sealers, click here. Below are some of the basic differences between our models:

  • HJ machines – Table top – the operator must hold the handle down to complete the seal
  • HJC machines – Table top – the operator must hold the handle down to complete the seal
    These machines have a manual slide cutter to remove excess plastic bags
  • HI machines – Self standing – the operator uses a mechanical foot pedal to activate the machine
  • HA machine – tabletop automatic machine – uses an electric foot pedal and has a cooling cycle to ensure a good seal
What are the available seal lengths?

You can seal bags from 4” wide to 24” wide, based on the specific model you’re using. Each machine has the length as part of the model number in millimeters. For example, for our HJ310/2T model the length is 310 mm or 12”.

What are the available seal widths?

We offer seal widths from 1.5mm to 5mm, based on the specific model you’re using. Each machine has the seal width as part of the model number in millimeters. For example, for our HJ310/2T the seal width is 2 millimeters wide.

How do your impulse bag sealers work?

All impulse sealers work on time. We suggest that during setup, the timers on the machine are set to the lowest setting and a seal is tested. Once the seal is created, check it, and if it’s not satisfactory, increase the timer by small intervals until the required seal is achieved.

  • HJ and HJC machines – The operator places the bag between the top bar and the seal bar and pushes the handle down until the light on the timer goes out. When cutting the excess plastic with the HJC, slide the blade across the length of the top bar.
  • HI machines – The bag is placed between the top sealing bar and the lower sealing bar. The operator steps on the foot pedal until the light next to the timer goes out. At that time, the operator releases the foot pedal and removes the sealed bag.
  • HA machines – The HA series uses an electronic pedal which can be on the floor and activated by foot or on a table and activated by hand. The HA series machines have both a heating timer and a cooling timer. The cooling timer allows the plastic to congeal, creating a wider seal. The bag is placed between the top sealing bar and the lower sealing bar, and the pedal is pressed to activate the machine. At the end of the cycle, the top sealing bar will open to allow removal of the bag.
Can the excess bag plastic be cut after sealing?

Our HJC Series machines have a manual slide cutter to remove excess plastic.

Mechanical Label Dispensers

What is a mechanical label dispenser?

Our mechanical label dispenser models hold rolls of labels up to 7” in diameter. The label is dispensed by an operator pulling the liner, which separates the label from the liner for easy removal and application. They are easy to use, don’t require any electricity, and are commonly found in shipping rooms, supermarkets, restaurants, food service, industrial operations, manufacturing facilities, and anywhere else labels are used.

What is the difference between PDL and MDL label dispensers?

We offer both PDL and MDL label dispenser models. Here are the basics of each type:

PDL Mechanical Label Dispensers:

  • For tabletop use only
  • They work with a single roll of labels or multiple rolls of labels
  • Separators are included to go between rolls of labels and avoid the incorrect label dispensing
  • Any core size on the label roll can be used with the PDL dispensers
  • Each roll of labels is independent – rolls can be easily changed without disturbing other rolls of labels
  • Our PDL label dispensers are available in widths from 3” to 24” wide
  • PDL models are the preferred option for tabletop applications

MDL Mechanical Label Dispensers:

  • Our MDL mechanical label dispenser models can be mounted on a wall to save table space or used on a table
  • They work with both a single roll of labels or multiple rolls of labels
  • They come with 3” core holders for standard rolls of labels. Other labels with different core sizes can be used by putting the shaft through the center of the rolls
  • It is more difficult to change rolls of labels than with PDL models, as there is a shaft inside the core holders on each roll of labels. If there are multiple rolls of labels installed in the machine, these may need to be removed to replace an inside roll of labels
  • MDL models are the preferred option for operations where space is limited, as they can be mounted vertically on a wall