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Due to the pandemic, we have all experienced many changes in our daily life, routine and in things we have taken for granted.  Even simple things such as going out to eat at restaurant have changed.  The other night I went out with a group of friends for a social distancing dinner.  This was my first time in a restaurant since the pandemic began in my area.  On the table was a card with a QR code and a message “Please download tonight’s menu by scanning this code from your mobile device”.  At first, I was shocked, no paper or plastic-coated menus, I must decide what I am eating by using my smartphone and downloading this menu.  I want to be with friends at this time and not tied to my device. Then I realized how great of an idea this is.  What would be involved in cleaning and sanitizing menus continually all evening after each patron and waiter touched and possibly contaminated them.  This will help keep me safe and makes sense to the restaurant as it avoids a lot of extra work on their part.

Technology while sometimes cumbersome and overwhelming is helping many industries change in the pandemic world.  For the retail sector, credit cards now do not need to be inserted into a card reader but just placed within a short distance of the terminal.  The cards do not even need to be removed from the wallet and RFID technology handles the transactions.  Apple Pay and other mobile payment services also allow for touchless transactions and are becoming more mainstream every day.

Part of what is driving this changeover is the use of protective wear that is now being required.  Many states have requirements for the use of face masks in public places or in work environments.  Also, many workplaces are also requiring the use of gloves while working.  Besides being extremely hot and often uncomfortable, gloves can make it harder to do many simple tasks such as applying pressure sensitive tapes and labels to various products and sealing of boxes and bags.  What used to be easy is much harder now as the adhesive want to stick to the gloves, not the product it is being applied to.  Ever try picking up a pre-cut twist tie with a pair of gloves, it is virtually impossible.

Easy to use and cost justified, entry level automation equipment can take the simple tasks made difficult by PPE and make it much easier and faster.  By presenting or applying the tape, label and or twist tie directly to the product, the production will increase, there will be little waste an increase in productivity and help keep everything and everyone contamination free.

Watch it in action:

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