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Beverages & Bottling, Round Containers

Entry Level AutomationTM for labeling bottles, cans and other round products


Our equipment can apply the labels to your product quickly and consistent each time. Below are a few examples used in these applications:

Mini Con R

Realizing a need in the market for a machine that can label bottles and round products that is between a semi-automatic label dispenser and a full inline labeling system, Tach-It created a table top unit that will feed the product on a conveyor through a wipe on label applicator and apply a label precisely at the desired location. The Mini-Con-R requires no special operator training or tools for label or product changeovers, has a touch sensitive display screen where all settings are made and viewed, uses only non-contact sensors for product and labels, can apply 1 or 2 labels (must be alternating on the web). Additional features it has a product and target counter, a 4 1/4 inch wide high friction conveyor making it perfect for most applications, extra large roll capacity, and the reliability of stepper motors for consistent label placement. To use, an operator simply puts the item to be labeled at one end of the conveyor and it travels along the label head, where the label is applied. The product then enters a vertical conveyor which rotates the bottle against a specially designed platen adhering the label to the product. The product then exits at the other end of the conveyor.

LB7 – Label Applicator Machine

The Tach-It Model LB-7 Semi-Automatic bottle and cylindrical product labeler will put a label onto virtually any round product. Simply place the bottle into the adjustable cradle and pull down the handle on the overhead pressure rollers to start the cycle. Able to detect both transparent and opaque labels, the LB-7 is easy to use, has a small table top design, can label products from 3/4 inch to 6 inch in diameter, including most gallon jugs, and requires no operator training or special tools for usage.

SH435 – Label Applicator Machine

The Tach-It SH-435 bottle labeler is an easy-to-use economical label applicator for bottles, cans, jugs, and any cylindrical products. Simply put the bottle into the cradle, press the button, and the label is applied straight and consistently each time. The SH-435 has a spring loaded, overhead pressure arm which keeps light pressure on the container for consistent and secure label placement, has a small table top design, requires no operator training or tools, and has an adjustable product fixture for consistent label placement.

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