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Bakery & Food Service

Bakery & Food Service Automation

We can help bag, seal the bag (with twist tie, tape, or heat seal) and label your product quickly without cross contamination from personal human touch. We have the solution for those concerned about safety issues while sealing your baked goods or food products with non-metallic options. Below are a few examples of machinery used in those applications:

3567 – Twist Tie Machine

The most technologically advanced twist tie machine in the world is the Tach-It Model #3567. This state-of-the-art machine does not utilize a reciprocating arm which eliminates jams. The unique straight line ribbon feed, avoids the ribbon jam ups that are common with other twist tie machines on the market today. The Model #3567 is U.L. approved, constructed of all metal components for long and reliable service life, has a 1/2 inch tying capacity. Uses only a 3 inch piece of twist tie ribbon per closure, which is a 25% savings in consumables compared to competitive machinery making the Model #3567 more economical to use. Capable of tying up to 50 bags per minute, the superior design and compact size has made it perfect for all applications including bakery, food, candy, confectionery, industrial wire harnessing, and assembly. The Model #3567 works with paper/plastic (our style #03-2500) twist tie ribbon, plastic/plastic (our style #01-2460) twist tie ribbon, decorative twist tie ribbon (our style #20-4000) and our exclusive patented Polycore (our style #17-2000) non-metallic twist tie ribbons.

3350A – Bag Opener

Having unique, adjustable height product loading arms, the Tach-It Model #3350A is perfect for most bakery items, tortillas, produce, magazines, newspapers, confectionery, garments, and industrial parts and hardware. Easy to adjust by simply loosening the thumb screws located on the outside of the arms, the operator has the ability to change the arms for the exact height of whatever he or she is packing. The Model #3350A is made of all metal components with stainless steel top plates, arms, and loading platen and has adjustable air velocity.

BL-1 – Label Applicator Machine

Perfect for applying PLU labels to fruits and vegetables, small UPC bar code labels and for labeling palletized cartons, the Tach-It BL-1 is battery powered and uses a lithium ion battery for all day productivity. This lightweight and fully portable label applicator significantly increases production over hand labeling and is for die but labels up to 1 1/8 inch wide and 2 3/8 inch long. Easy to use, the Tach-It BL-1 has a touch sensitive nose which allows the operator to just touch the item to be labeled and the label is quickly and easy applied. LED battery level indicator, removable battery, quick recharge time and label web rewinder for safety are all advantages of this machine.

E-7R – Bag Sealer

Made of durable steel and hi-impact plastic, the E-7R Tape Bag Sealer applies an adhesive to adhesive tape flag seal to the top the bag. No operator training is required. Its reliable and easy spool change over makes this machine perfect for all bag sealing applications. The E-7R can be mounted and has a bag trimmer to trim any excess bag after the seal has been made.

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