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Automated Packaging Equipment for Apparel and Garment Manufacturing

Time and consistency are key for any manufacturing companies, but particularly for apparel companies. Having a reliable procedure for preparing articles for distribution is important for saving time and making operations more efficient. No matter what size company you are today, we have a variety of options in the entry-level category. Below are a few examples used in these applications:


Tach-It 2 Gun

The Tach-It TI2S Premium Tagging Tool has a standard needle and is used for the majority of tagging applications. This tool uses all types of regular spaced or micro-spaced fasteners and the replacement needles are our Tach-It TNS, TNHD, THR, HI-HD, PTS, and PTHD Needles.

3350A Bag Opener

Having unique, adjustable height product loading arms, the Tach-It Model #3350A is perfect for bagging garments quickly. Easy to adjust by simply loosening the thumb screws located on the outside of the arms, the operator has the ability to change the arms for the exact height of whatever he or she is packing. The Model #3350A is made of all metal components with stainless steel top plates, arms, and loading platen and has adjustable air velocity.


Tagging Fasteners

For most general purpose tagging applications on garments and soft goods. Available in standard and fine fabric styles and in various lengths to meet your specific application. 50 fasteners per clip with connected paddles to avoid tangling. Natural color unless otherwise indicated. Colors available, see chart in product details. Works in Tach-It, Micro-Mini, Simba and most other tagging tools on the market.


Tagging Needles

Premium needles – one piece solid construction with a thread separating tip to avoid damage to garments. Silicone coated for easy insertion and removal from garments. Available in a variety of lengths, sizes and styles. Fits Tach-It 2 tagging tools and other tagging tools on the market that do not require an integrated cutter in the needle. Hi-Impact needles offer additional strength and support on the needle for penetrating hard to tag items.

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