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3PL and Distribution

Entry Level AutomationTM for Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Logistics processes are carefully engineered to meet the growing demands of 3PL distribution centers. It’s not uncommon to face labor shortages or demands that are greater than the human capacity. Entry Level AutomationTM equipment makes the most of your workforce and keeps them safe.


Automation equipment is often positioned at a packing station, which are customizable by product and can easily be adapted to the current demand. With a packing station the packer knows they have the tools and products needed and available at all times. Below are a few examples used in these applications:


EX5R – Tape Gun Dispenser

The spring mandrel (mousetrap style) EX5R is ergonomically correct because the weight of the tape roll is above the hand, not behind it. Designed for tape up to 2 inch wide, this economical lightweight dispenser has a natural rubber roller, utilizes a spring loaded tape arm to hold the roll of tape in place rather than a tape mandrel, and has a comfortable, rubberized grip. Perfect for all carton sealing applications.

EBC-110 – Edge Protection Cutter

The Tach-It EBC-110 Edge Protection Cutter is a safe way to cut and trim these products to various lengths. Compared to other methods available the EBC-110 cuts boards up to 4 inch x 4 inch x 3/8 inch thick. Easy to use simply put the board into the V-Shaped opening and pull the handle. The easily replaceable blades will give a clean guillotine cut the board. Perfect for shippers who use various lengths of boards, framing companies, cutting edge protection products for use as stabilizers within cartons, recycling of edge protection products and anywhere these products are trimmed or cut. Small table top design, ergonomic handle, and fully portable are all advantages of this machine.

KL-100 – Label Dispenser

The KL-100 automatic label dispenser for pressure-sensitive label dispensers up to 4 inch wide is ideal for all types of roll or fan-folded labels. An economical alternative to our SH-404TR and our SH-414D premium label dispensers, the KL-100 utilizes photo-sensor reliability so that there are no micro-switches or hair triggers to adjust. High speed operation, digital cycle counter, large roll capabilities, industrial construction, and a rewind system for the label liner are advantages of this machine. Having the ability to dispense all types of opaque die-cut and butt-cut labels, the KL-100 require no tools for label changeover or size adjustments and no operator training is required.

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